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Sabzi Mandis of Delhi

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Sabzi Mandis of Delhi
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Vegetable Shopping

Sabzi Mandi is a market place where fresh fruits or vegetables are sold by farmers, directly to customers or the brokers who further sell the farm produce. Delhi has small sabzi mandis scattered in every nook and corner of the city however this place has big ones too. Take a lok at the famous Mandis of Delhi!

Azadpur Sabzi Mandi

A very famous fruit and vegetable market that came into existence in 1977 is the largest Mandi in Asia, Azadpur Sabzi Mandi. It serves as a national distribution centre and was announced as the Market of National Importance in India on Jan 7, 2004. The fruits and vegetables sold here are transported majorly from Himachal Pradesh and Jammu Kashmir.

Okhla Sabzi Mandi

The hustle bustle in Okhla Sabzi Mandi begins at 5 am and is apparently the biggest vegetable market in Delhi. Established in 1987, this place has over 250 shops of both fruits and vegetables that are shipped from different parts of India. Apart from shops, there are several street vendors also that contribute to the total sales of this Mandi.

Arya Pura Sabzi Mandi

Another famous sabzi mandi of Delhi is Arya Pura Mandi which is full of varieties of fruits and vegetables. This Mandi also supplies seeds of fruits and veggies to the farmers – Seed suppliers and dealers can often be seen here. 

Ghanta Ghar Sabzi Mandi

Situated in North of Delhi, this Mandi has been very popular since a long time. Fruits and vegetables of all sorts, from several parts of India are sold here. Bulk sales of fruits, nicely packed for weddings and prosperous occasions are a hit here. 

Old Delhi Sabzi Mandi

This used to be a huge Mandi some time back but with the business developments taking place in the Kamla Nagar area, this Mandi has reduced in size however it still maintains itself as a shopping bazaar for the locals of the area.

Shahdara Sabzi Mandi

Located in the East Delhi district, the Shahdra Sabzi Mandi is a prominent one in East Delhi. A huge market for fruits and vegetables – brokers and stall owners purchase fruits and vegetables in bulk from here. Also large quantities of fruits are purchased from here for gifting purposes in Indian weddings.

Mandawali Sabzi Mandi: Another famous sabzi mandi in Delhi, this place is famous in and around Mandawali for its fresh fruits and vegetables that can be purchased at reasonable prices. This popular Mandi has more or less become a landmark for the people who want to visit this area.

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